Welcome to my website!

Hello world! Welcome to my website!

This blog is all about how I managed to get this website running and how on mother earth I thought of creating one. Well, actually before I created this website, I already thought of it years back when Bitcoin was still worth less than a buck 😀

At first, I thought of “What if I owned a website? How much does it cost? What will be the content?”. All of these questions are in my head but one stands out: “How do I create this website?”. Way back in college, making a website out of scratch such as using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is really intimidating and confusing (yes, I am not aware of tools like WordPress nor Adobe Dreamweaver).

Moving forward, when I finished college, my best friend offered me a contract job as a Web Developer. That is when I gained my knowledge and experience in web development and was also introduced to WordPress that time. Although it was my first time to design and create a website from start, WordPress made it easier for me to build the website’s foundation as well as customizing it.

Years after, I came across a website where it focused on the profile of the creator and his works, an online portfolio! Then suddenly, it triggered me to create my online portfolio as well. It was a good start for me to have a simple idea on what will be my website is all about. Next thing to do is naming the website. I really thought of making this website as professional as possible while maintaining my humorous self, so, I name it before me! Haha!

Now it’s time for the one of the most difficult life decisions that I will make, choosing the domain name. If you are not familiar with it, the domain name is usually the URL you type on the address bar of a web browser (ie. google.com). At first, I thought of choosing “peterjosephrivera.com” but it is too long for a domain name (for me) and also looks like I am trying hard to promote myself. As a creative and humorous person, I just shortened it and used my pet name instead, “peejayrivera.com”. Isn’t it fantastic? 😀

I already chose the domain name, but where should I register it? Where should I host my website? Luckily, I came across a deal for a domain registration for 24 months with the price of a 12-month subscription (special thanks to godaddy.com). After that, I searched for a cheap web hosting service that leads me to zoom.ph. The services were fast and provided me just the way I wanted it to be.

Alright! Domain registration and hosting completed! Next would be the actual web development. As I said, I previously worked with WordPress so I also used it for my website with a free theme from the internet. Customizing and designing the theme was really easy task for me to do but what’s difficult was the content of every page I will publish. Even at this moment writing this blog, I am really using my brain cells choosing my words carefully (FYI: English is not my native language). This is also the first time I am writing a blog so please bear with me. LOL!

This website is about the “professional” me. A portfolio. A way to introduce myself formally and my professional experience in life. All the pages I published here in my website are carefully thought of. The design, the theme, and especially the content. I initially drafted my website based on my LinkedIn profile. From thereon, I started adding some bits of information about me, my social network links, contact information, and even my resume.

I believe that I’ve put up enough information to introduce myself, what are the things I have worked on, my professional experience, my achievements, and other stuff that will consider this website as my online portfolio. As of now, my goal is to maintain my website, add information or blogs if necessary. I am not working on this website full-time as I am really busy working for the economy’s growth. But still, I can say that this website will be updated every month or less.

Thanks for reading my first blog ever and have a wonderful day to you! 🙂