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Senior Advisor, DevOps Engineer | MCSA | MCAAA | Salesforce


Hello World! I am Peter Rivera, though you can address me as Peter or Peejay. Currently, I hold the position of Senior Advisor DevOps Engineer at Rio Tinto. In this role, I focus primarily on DevOps practices, including automation, CI/CD, and providing support for both PaaS and IaaS solutions. My approach to these responsibilities is agile and results oriented.

Educationally, I hold a bachelor’s degree in information technology, having graduated in 2012. During my academic journey, I was honored as a Dean’s Lister and achieved Microsoft Certified Professional status.

Professionally, my career trajectory has been diverse. I began as an IT Support and System Administrator in 2013. Subsequently, I expanded my horizons by working as an IT Engineer at an IT security firm in Singapore. Later, I assumed the role of a system engineer in the financial sector, where I gained extensive experience in server-side technical support and infrastructure management. My most recent position was as a senior IT operations engineer in the manufacturing industry, which provided valuable insights into DevOps tools, processes, and management.

My journey across various industries has equipped me with a wealth of knowledge spanning diverse technologies. From fundamental troubleshooting and programming to intricate infrastructure management, I thrive on continuous learning and growth.

As a technical enthusiast, I approach challenges with a logical mindset and a penchant for automation. I firmly believe that technology empowers us to create remarkable solutions, turning our ideas and concepts into practical realities that enhance our lives.

“The process may seem strange and yet it is very true. I did not so much gain the knowledge of things by the words, as words by the experience I had of things.”

Professional Experience

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Technical Support Engineer

My journey as an IT professional began here, where I joined a dynamic team of five experts.

IT Engineer

Seeking new challenges and opportunities, I ventured abroad to expand my horizons and diversify my career.

System Engineer

The first-ever company that exposed me to the best and cutting-edge technologies of the industry.

Senior IT Ops Engineer

The first senior role in my career, with a primary focus on operations within cloud platforms.

Senior Advisor DevOps Engineer

This role has been the most demanding and fulfilling of my career. It has allowed me to collaborate with diverse project teams and apply both my technical and managerial skills


In the mystical realm of IT, professional certificates are the enchanted keys that unlock doors to knowledge. Each badge, a shimmering talisman, whispers secrets of specific technologies—a lexicon recognized across continents and cyberspace. Behold, dear traveler, my collection of cryptographic credentials! Click upon them, and witness the incantations of my credibility.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Windows Server 2012

In February 2017, I conquered the trifecta of Microsoft certification exams—each a formidable challenge. Despite working full-time, I studied diligently during my free hours. My efforts bore fruit: I passed all three exams on my first attempt, earning the certification. This certification proved that I mastered the primary set of Windows Server 2012 skills required to reduce IT costs and deliver more business value. For more information about this certification, click here.

Microsoft Certified:  Azure Administrator Associate

In April 2019, I embarked on a celestial quest—a pilgrimage to the Azure summit. The exam room became my sanctum, where I faced the Azure Sphinx, its questions etched in silicon. When the results arrived, they bore the seal of triumph: I had passed, my certification secured—a talisman that would glow for two years. This certification proved that I am able to manage cloud services that span storage, security, networking, and compute cloud capabilities. A deep understanding of each service across the full IT life cycle, and take requests for infrastructure services, applications, and environments. Also, I am able to make recommendations on services to use for optimal performance and scale, as well as provision, size, monitor, and adjust resources as appropriate. For more information about this certification, click here.


Here is a list of my skills starting from basic to advanced.

Microsoft Azure, Azure DevOps, CI/CD Pipelines, Microsoft Office, Hardware/Software Troubleshooting, Windows, SAN/NAS, Windows Server, Server Configuration and Installation (HPE ProLiant, Dell), Networking, Shell Scripting, VBA, Automation, PowerShell, Hyper-V, Active Directory, Group Policy, Backup and Recovery, Storage Optimization, Oracle VirtualBox, IaaS, Virtual Networks


Salesforce, PowerAutomate, SharePoint, Agile (Scrum), Python, Linux, C#.NET, WPF, VB.NET, WSUS, PSTools, CSS3, VPN, Citrix Workspaces, Terminal Services, Microsoft Exchange, ITILv3, Web Development, Bash, PaaS, Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices, Containerization, Git, SaaS, Cybersecurity, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom


HTML, PHP, SQL, ADCS, Clustering, jQuery, SharePoint, Mail Gateways, Terraform, Domain Trusting

Projects & Accomplishments

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Scrum Implementation

Implemented agile methodology following the Scrum process, integrating it with the existing support process for BAU tasks and change management

Issues and Incidents Logging

Created a SharePoint list to allow users to log issues and incidents while integrating PowerAutomate to send notifications


AWS CloudWatch Logging and Alerts

Integrated CloudWatch log streaming with EC2 instance running Tomcat server which provides real-time logging and alerts


Database Backup and Restore Solution

Created a backup and restore solution by leveraging AWS Lambda, EC2 instance, and CloudWatch cron jobs. Created restore script with WPF GUI using PowerShell

Network Design & Configuration

Implemented a network infrastructure starting from the design up to operations and support

Active Directory Deployment

Deployed active diretory in the client network using Windows Server 2016 integrated with Azure AD

Cloud Backup Implementation

Implemented a backup solution from client's local file servers up to the cloud using Amazon S3 and third party software

GSuite to Office365 Migration

Migrated client's current mail services from GSuite to Office 365. Using manual approach by downloading and uploading mail items

Work Folders Deployment

Deployed work folders to implement standard internal corporate file sync by configuring proper certificates and file servers as well as the group policies

Microsoft ADCS Implementation

Implemented Active Directory Certification Services by configuring a dedicated enterprise root CA server for certificate renewals

WSUS Implementation

Implemented Microsoft's solution to update management known as Windows Server Update Services or WSUS to provide continuous operating system and software updates

Disaster Recovery Solution

Implemented a DR solution by using the data farm and data warehouse approach wherein different sites has their won file servers that is synced to an off-site server

Training: Cyber Security

Trained employees on how to protect themselves from different kinds of hacking techniques ranging from social engineering up to computer hardware security

Windows Server Migration

Migrated company's Windows infrastructure from Windows Server 2003 to 2012 using parallel approach recommended for skipping server OS versions

Asset Program

Created a program for company's asset management using C# for the back-end, WPF for the UI/UX, SQL Server for the database, and SAP Crystal Reports for the reporting

Training: Microsoft Excel Basic to Intermediate

Trained employees on how to use Microsoft Excel effectively and efficiently by teaching them how to use several functions for better data handling

pfSense Firewall Implementation

Implemented pfSense firewall initially to replace the company's firewall and to provide more sophisticated solution in protecting the network infrastructure

Process Automation

Created automation scripts for different and several processes within the infrastructure as well as daily operations and tasks

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Active Directory Group Nesting Report Tool

This is a PowerShell script to get all nested security group membership/memberof of a user in an Active Directory forest


User Profile Backup and Restore

This is a script that backs up a Windows user profile folders and the currently connected network printers to any specified directory


Although my gig is currently inactive due to other priorities, I think it's worth mentioning it here 😁

I will make your life easier through powershell

With the power of scripting and my logic, I can provide you a script ranging from simple to a complex, integrated script to automate the most repetitive tasks that you've been dreaming to go away.

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